Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

This video shows a little girl (now a teenager) named Jessica doing her daily affirmation. She is saying everything she likes and you can even hear her say, "I can do anything!". Isn't it great to have a child-like attitude; free from fear and reservation.  Jessica is doing something here that is very powerful. She is speaking to herself with confidence, fun, understanding and truth. She even jumps down and bounces away, presumably ready to tackle her day!
The Disney Fairy Tale, Snow White has a similar theme (well, it has several themes but we'll focus on this one). The queen possesses a magical mirror which she asks every morning: "Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in that land?". (Or you may know the version, "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all.) The mirror always replies: "My Queen, you are the fairest in that land." This pleases the Queen as the mirror doesn't lie to her.
When we look in the mirror, we shouldn't lie either! What's your self talk like? Do you believe in yourself? I look in the mirror often. Not from a place of vanity, but to admire things I like about myself. Some days, I may not always feel that way but I like to remind myself that I am beautiful, smart, loved, appreciated, giving, etc. With so much negativity in the world, it's refreshing to be able to hear, see and speak words of affirmation.
So, try it. Take a look in the mirror and be like Jessica. "I like myself, I like my hair and my haircut, I like my pajamas." What are your messages? Mirror, mirror on the wall....
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