Saturday, March 23, 2013

Living or Existing. What are YOU doing?

In the daily hustle and bustle and the stressors of life it is sometimes quite easy to just "go along to get along" or to just "go with the motions". There are certain situations where I do approve the mindset of "fake it til you make it" but there are many times in life when we must be actually present; in the here and now.

A chair simply exists. It is what it is...a chair.  We are not chairs, tables or other inanimate objects. By simply existing we can miss out on the joys and happiness of life. We were created and meant to LIVE. To have a purpose, meaning, breath and life. To not only celebrate the BIG things but to also revel in the small ones.

Existing will cause us to focus on inconsequential things or things that don't or won't matter in the long run; whereas living will allow us to see the big picture, enjoy every moment and embrace the journey we're currently on.

Take some time today to assess and even reassess your life. Focus on what's been happening to you and your responses. I'm not saying to minimize things that are devastating to you or that have been painful. I'm asking you to evaluate whether or not despite those things, if you've chosen to exist or live. I'll admit, it's taken me a while to get here and some days I'd prefer to just "be". But, those are the times when I must purposefully and intentionally LIVE.

I was at a high school football honors banquet last year and the speaker, Mark Tidwell talked about living intentionally. He challenged us all to live as though we're terminal because we know the next day isn't promised. Thinking on that, it's important to make everyday count and to move from existing and just going along, to having the courage to live!

If you're ready to start living but find it difficult, counseling or talking to a trained professional may be helpful.

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