Thursday, February 18, 2016

He Proposed...3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Saying Yes

In the animal kingdom, the male counterparts are the ones that do all the courting during the mating season. They fight other males, they showcase their beautiful colors, they build elaborate houses, all to prove to the female that they are the superior suitor.

In the case of the Bower bird he doesn’t fight or display elaborate colors, instead he uses his cognitive and building skills to lure a mate. He builds a bower to attract his female counterpart. He takes great pride in his bower using sticks and twigs to build it high enough for her to see. He adorns it with insects, flower petals, and other objects he thinks will attract a mate.

In addition to being a master builder, the Bower bird is also a master illusionist. In order to appear bigger and thus more desirable to his mate, he arranges stones at the end of his bower from small to big. This way when his female counterparts view him from the other end of the bower, he appears bigger next to the smaller stones. This makes the female think he will be a good candidate to mate with because he is big and strong and will produce big and strong offspring to help the species survive.

When contemplating a potential candidate for marriage, he/she may present an illusion of the type of person you want to marry. Once the marriage has happened and the illusion wears off, you are left with chaos and confusion.

To help you avoid this scenario happening to you I have listed 3 crucial questions to ask  your mate before marriage.
  1. Can I See Your Credit Report?
Before you marry someone it is important to know their financial obligations. Viewing their
credit report will give you insight into their money managing skills, so don’t be afraid to ask  for it. You need to know their debt to income ratio, how many collection accounts they have, how many credit cards they have, how many open expenses they have. Also you need to know if they pay alimony or child support. This is crucial to know because once you get married their debt becomes your debt. It’s also important to discuss what you will do if one spouse becomes unemployed. How long will you be able to live off of  one income before it becomes a problem. If your spouse gets hurt and can no longer work, will you be willing to accept being the sole provider indefinitely?
2. Can I See Your Medical History?
What is the health status of the person you are with? Have you two taken a complete STD exam before having sexual relations? Do they have heart problems, cancer, high blood pressure etc. You need to know the health of the person you are marrying to decide if you are going to have to be a caregiver. Is this a role you will undertake with pleasure and ease? How will you feel if your significant other gains weight? How much weight is okay? Do they drink? Do drugs? What if they won’t stop?
3.  Do you want children?
Does the person you are with have children? Do they want more children? If they don’t have children, do they want children? How will you raise your children? Do you believe in spanking or time outs? Do you want your children to go to school or be home schooled? What religion will you raise your children to believe? Will one of you stay home with the children?
There are so many other things to learn about your potential life partner but these three critical questions should help to get the conversation started. Remember your mate like the Bower bird will create an illusion of what you want but you need to delve deeper to find out if your mate is what you need.
For more help contact me to set up pre-marital counseling and I will help you and your mate make the best decision with regards to your relationship.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The One Technique That Will Help You Reach Sexual Nirvana

Does your sex life need a complete  makeover? Could it benefit from an extensive renovation?

An unfulfilling sex life is one of the biggest complaints I get from my clients. Their once vibrant and passionate sex life has now become dull and apathetic. This can happen for many reasons but it doesn’t have to continue. There are things you can do to fight your way back from the wasteland of mundane sex and re-enter the sexual eden you and your partner once experienced.

What is the current condition of your sex life?

The greatest way to transform your sex life is to make it more than just a physical exchange. Help the bonds of your relationship grow stronger by making your sex more spiritual in nature. This can be achieved by incorporating Tantric Sex into your bedroom.  

Tantric Sex is a way to move your sexual experience beyond physical and reach a deeper spiritual level of intimacy with your mate. This type of sexual experience should only be done with someone with whom you are in a committed relationship. The practicing of Tantric Sex will help your relationship to heal so that you can once again have a passionate sex life.

The article 5 STEPS TO ACHIEVING THE MOST TANTRIC INTIMACY gives the following simple steps with instructions for beginners:

  1. Lock Eyes And Breathe Deeply
  2. Assume A “Yab-Yum” Position
  3. Synchronize Your Breathing
  4. Clear Your Mind Of Any Thought
  5. Fire Breath Orgasm And Cobra Breath

While these things may sound silly or seem intimidating they can be completed with ease. To get a better understanding of Tantric Sex read the article in it’s entirety and also do your own research.

Tantric Sex is a wonderful way to recharge and renew your sex life and the bond you share with your partner. It can help your partnership to become more cohesive and stronger so that you can withstand any adversity. It also has the added benefit of helping you both to become more self aware and if embraced in it’s entirety help you heal from past hurts.

If you are ready to reach your sexual nirvana then give Tantric Sex a try.

*Info in this blog is strictly my personal and/or professional opinion. Posts and comments are not intended to treat, diagnose or replace any medical advice you may have received. Please contact your doctor or therapist if you feel you need help, and in case of an emergency, dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.* 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Amazingly Awesome Things To Do If You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

Single” is an opportunity to live life on your own terms and not apologize.” - Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Every year Valentine’s Day comes around with great fanfare. The stores stock the shelves with candy, stuffed animals with hearts, and sappy love filled greeting cards. You are bombarded by television commercials of men giving jewelry to their mate and couples sharing romantic moments together.  Then there are those well-meaning friends who look at you with sadness when you tell them you will be single on Valentine’s Day.

All of a sudden your secretly coveted (by those in relationships) singlehood becomes something for which everyone pities you.  

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not a death sentence nor does it have to be depressing. The same reason you enjoyed being single before and after Valentine’s Day will still be valid on Valentine’s Day. Instead of focusing on the fact that you will not be coupled up on Valentine’s Day, take this day to show someone very special how much they are loved - you.

Here are some amazingly awesome things to do for yourself on Valentine’s Day

Send Yourself A Love Letter Or A Card
A few days before Valentine’s Day write yourself a love letter or buy a greeting card that speaks to you. In the love letter list all the things you love about you and what makes you such a special person and worthy to be loved. Put the love letter or card in the mail and mail it to yourself. When you come home on Valentine’s Day and find your love letter or greeting card waiting for you it will instantly brighten your day.
Mix And Mingle
If you have single friends hook up with them on Valentine’s Day and go somewhere fun. Go dancing, attend a play, or out to dinner. You will find that on Valentine’s Day many venues host events just for singles. You may even meet someone there who tickles your fancy. If you do, great! If you don’t, no big deal. The point is don’t think that just because you are single on Valentine’s Day that you have to stay at home feeling sorry for yourself and being ashamed that you are single. Being single can be liberating if you let it.
Treat Yourself
The great thing about being single on Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to spend money on a gift for someone else hoping they like it. Instead you get to buy yourself something that you know you will like. If you see a stuffed teddy bear that you wish someone would buy you, then buy it for yourself. If you want to go to a certain restaurant, take yourself. Remember to enjoy your own company because no one knows or loves you like you.
There is nothing wrong with being single. Take your time finding someone with whom you want to couple. Life is too short to be unhappy just because you are trying to conform to societal norms by being in a relationship. While you are single take the time to better yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Being single gives you the freedom to pursue your passions without hesitation and to accomplish some major life milestones. Being single is awesome no matter the day of the year. When you are ready to be in a relationship you will be, until then, keep loving you.
*Info in this blog is strictly my personal and/or professional opinion. Posts and comments are not intended to treat, diagnose or replace any medical advice you may have received. Please contact your doctor or therapist if you feel you need help, and in case of an emergency, dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.*